"Man is basically good... But he must nurture the capacity with awareness, honesty, introspection and maintain his freedom."-Maslow

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-Tigerstyle Games

May 2009-present

Artist and Assistant designer
-Lead artist and level builder for Waking Mars
-Level artist for Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
-Additional art, from logo design to UI elements
-Technical art and pipeline work

-Digital Chocolate, Inc.

July 2009-June 2010

Contract Artist
-Created and organized Maya production pipeline for 3d assets on Nanotowns
-Modeled and textured extensive 3d art assets for Nanotowns
-Helping to design and implement game flow and art on unannounced title
-Extensive photoshop animation and static art

-Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

January 2009-May 2009

2d/3d Artist
-Working with small teams to help design and implement art for research games
-Testing how art changes affect gameplay and mood
-Level designer for jousting/racing game

-Floodgate Entertainment

January 2008-September 2008

Contract Artist/Former intern
-Worked with a small team to create highly optimized art assets for cell-phones and various console systems
-Extensive Maya, 3dsmax, and Photoshop work

-Metaversal Studios

January 2006-June 2008

Game Designer/Programmer
-Learned TorqueScript
-Lead programmer on two sidescrollers
-Experience with Flash and Torque2d

-GoSub (Zenix 3d-Intel Game Demo Contest Finalist)

January 2006-June 2007

3d Modeler and Texturer, Promotional Artist
-Used 3dsMax5 to create low-poly models
-Textured models in Photoshop
-Logo design and promotional art


Hammer World Builder
3d Studio Max
After Effects

I quell rare moments of free time with level design, basketball, gaming, searching out new music, writing, biking, bouldering, hiking, reading, piano.

And you are welcome to contact me at any time.

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